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Detox Diet

"Natural and Healthy way to lose weight and fat!"

No more Liposuctions!

No chemicals or pharmaceuticals!

Acupuncture with natural herbal decoction and Enzyme rich detox drink along with our special nutritional supplement helps you to lose 10-15% of your total body weight, including fat after 2weeks!

Proven protocols/results backed up by years of experience!

VALUE program

14 days of Enzyme Detox Diet program+6 weeks of Maintenance products 

For clients wanting to maintain their lost weight & body shape for a longer period but also prevent Yo-Yo effects.

Preparation Phase

This is the preparation phase for you to be fully ready for our Detox phase.

Detox phase

Here you will only be consuming our Enzyme Detox products along  with water and that's it!

Recovery phase

You will slowly recover from the Detox phase, making your body adjust to the new environment.

Maintenance phase

We will guide you through our Maintenance to prevent any sudden gain of weight.

Products We Use

All of our products that we use are 100% natural & Chemical Free.

Customized Herbal Tea

To take 

before meals 

We will assess your symptoms, conditions and constitution to fully recognize your diagnosis. Based on that, we will formulate herbs based on our Traditional Eastern Medicine theory and come up with your own customized herbal tea which would;

suppress your appetite

burn your fat

maximize your body's metabolism

Try this very natural and healthy way now!

Enzyme Detox Drink

To drink during your fasting period

This drink is made from 100+ varieties of wild herbs fermented and matured for 5 years in a crypt, thus producing plenty of natural enzymes.

This natural drink has a pleasant taste and scent to help you consume during your phase. Also they are non-heated, meaning they are rich with natural enzymes. What makes this drink special is the enzymes, which are known to have numerous effects, such as; activating metabolism, anti-aging, balancing body's alkali/acid pH levels, improving immunity and constitutional conditions, proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, promoting bowel movement, detox, anti-cancer, lipolysis, weight loss, improve digestion, promoting absorption of nutrition and oxygen and many more.

Fat cleansing powder

Take this instead of your dinner

One of the most important reasons of gaining weight is that we eat heavy dinners.

This product not only washes your fat out of your system but also provides good amount of protein, and improves your immunity by supplementing proper amount of vitamins and minerals.

What is Detox and Why do we need it?

Today, we are more at risk than ever for toxic chemicals such as industrial chemicals, contaminated water, insecticides, food additives, heavy metals, drugs and environmental hormones. In addition, our erroneous eating culture and life style inhibits the effective excretion of external toxins as well as the serious condition of mass production of other toxins from the inside. The toxins generated in and out of the body fundamentally change the ecological environment in our body, and cause damage to the tissues and deterioration of the sensory function as well as cause various diseases.

The detoxification process refers to a method of removing toxins from our body through natural remedies without medication or surgery to promote health. This method is a fundamental way to treat any illnesses, but it has more significance in preventing it by removing the cause of the disease before treatment.

When detoxified, the body is born again with a clean body, balanced and full of physical, mental and sexual energy. Not only does this revive your creativity, but general appearance and character will also change. The advantages of detox are as follows ; 

1. Wastes accumulated in your digestive system and bacterial yeast causing fermentation are cleaned.

2. Excessive mucus and congestion are removed.

3. Liver and Kidney's blood, which are difficult to improve with normal eating habits, are purified.

4. Your mind becomes clear.

5. Dependence on sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc. is reduced.

6. By improving bad eating habits, the size of the stomach returns to normal and your weight is controlled. This helps you to lose fat too.

7. Your immune system is stimulated and enhanced.

Importance of Enzymes

It is no exaggeration to say that the human body is an enzyme mass. Of the hundreds of chemical factories in the human body, enzyme plants are the most abundant. In the mouth, an enzyme called ptialin is released through the saliva and decomposes the starch of the food into maltose. It is because of this maltose that it is sweet to chew rice. Protein enzymes, called pepsin, break down the meat proteins and trypsin, erepsin and lipase digest the fat and remaining proteins of the food to make them easy to absorb. Through these processes, digested and absorbed nutrients become members of energy sources and various cells.
Therefore, the human body needs a lot of enzymes, and since most of us lack this enzyme, we have problems digesting and our waste cannot be removed efficiently.

The reason why we lack so many enzymes is because the optimum condition of the enzyme is destroyed by the unbalance of the acidic foods in modern people's diet. 

Enzymes are produced in each organ through the digestion process of food. However, the enzymes are directly or indirectly reduced by pollution of air, water, soil, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, and instant food, so our physical strength is weakened. If this condition persists for a long time, the balance in the body breaks, and finally becomes the cause of various diseases.

In addition, it is no exaggeration to say that our whole body is gradually dying in the reality that all kinds of agricultural products are cultivated without seasonal differences, treated with chemicals for quick cultivation and overuse of all kinds of pesticides. 

Six major physiological functions of enzymes are;

1. Digestive absorption.

2. Decomposition and discharge function.

3. Anti-bacterial effect.

4. Detoxification action.

5. Blood purification function

6. Cellular renewal function.

Effects of enzymes are; Metabolism, promote sufficient growth for children, Anti-aging, Improvement of constitution, Proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria, reduce weight and control obesity, Lipolysis, Prevent various incurable diseases, Promote digestion, Purification, detoxification, Constipation, nephritis, cystitis prevention, Promotes nutrients and oxygen uptake, Anticancer effect and many more.

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