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slim waistline

Weight Loss

Our proven Detox Weight Loss program will satisfy your need of losing weight.

Our products are 100% natural herbs and supplements directly imported from South Korea.

Pain on Notice board


We have proven protocols for treating neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain but also fibromyalgia and many more.

brain mri image for stroke

prevention & rehab

Dr. Byeon brings plenty of experience having served as Chief in the Stroke center of Kyunghee Medical center in South Korea, where it's known to be the best in this field in Korea.

blood tests for cardiovascular diseases


Changing your life style and eating habits are key, along with our custom made herbal tea and acupuncture treatments for Blood pressure, Diabetes and more.

facial acupuncture for clean and younger looking skin


Acne, Dermatitis, rashes, you name it! Start acupuncture now with our team to restore your body balance thus resulting in improvements of your skin.

acupuncture for preventing hair loss

Hair Loss,
Children's Growth

To prevent hair loss or even to preserve your shiny looking hair, it is vital to balance your body with acupuncture and  customized herbal tea. We also manage growth for children.

acupuncture for stress and anxiety

Stress, Anxiety

Stress can be harmful if you hold on to them than letting go.

We call them Qi stagnation, and when they accumulate they can cause devastating results such as cancer.

acupuncture for infertility and postpartum care

Infertility, Women's health

Our years of combined experience have taught us the best ways to provide safe, effective acupuncture treatments for prenatal states, postpartum recoveries, infertility and Women's health.

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