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What is the theory behind acupuncture?

The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essential for health.  Disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for disease.  Acupuncture may correct imbalances of flow at identifiable points close to the skin.  Findings from basic research have begun to elucidate the mechanisms of action of acupuncture, including the release of opioids and other peptides in the central nervous system and the periphery and changes in neuroendocrine function.

Why acupuncture?

Acupuncture is safe. Acupuncture is chemical free. Acupuncture has minimal side effects compared to pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture is nearly pain-free if done by an experienced acupuncturist, i.e; our clinic!
There are areas in the medical field where conventional medicine is still seeking answer to. Acupuncture of Traditional Asian Medicine comes in to give you that answer.
In the long run, acupuncture gives more benefit to your body by correcting your imbalances without distorting your body's physiology.

I am scared of needles. Do they hurt?

First of all, it depends on which area you have your acupuncture needles inserted on. Usually finger tips and toe tips are more sensitive so they hurt more but it is very unlikely that we choose those points.
Generally, regions where you have a thicker muscle layer hurts less and of course, the more experience and know-how your acupuncturist has, lesser the pain.
Dr. Hyung Sik Byeon brings plenty of experience since he has been practicing acupuncture for more than 18 years now, not to mention his intense residency for 4 years from the Stroke center of Kyung Hee Medical center in South Korea where he used to administer acupuncture needles to a hundred patients a day for several years. He is a licensed Internist for Cardiology and Neurology in Korean Medicine.

Are your acupuncture needles safe?

Yes they are. Our needles are all GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. These disposable needles are only for one-time use and we dispose them to a sharp container for our contractors to collect reguarly. Also these needles are sterilized by Gamma ray when manufactured, being made of surgical stainless steel. Furthermore, all staff that handle needles are trained and certified with the Clean Needle Technique course so rest assured!

How is PAUL ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS® PLLC different from other clinics?

  • Dr. Hyung Sik Byeon brings plenty of experience in acupuncture, herbs and Traditional Eastern(Korean) Medicine. He has been practicing since 2007 all the way from South Korea to Washington DC, Maryland and now Virginia.

  • He has also studied Korean Medicine in Kyung Hee University(considered to be the Harvard for Korean Medicine) of South Korea, having earned his Bachelor's Korean Medicine degree and Master's Degree with honors. Where in South Korea, Korean medicine doctors are considered physicians, he had to study for 6 years just like any other medical college student in Korea. This means that he studied in-depth of this acupuncture and herbs field, not to mention Western medicine too. Furthermore he went on to complete his Master's for 2 more years and also residency for Cardiology and Neurology in Korean medicine for 4 more years, making him a licensed Internist in Korean medicine. 

  • He is a native English speaker coming from a background having been educated in London, UK, for most of his junior school years. This is why patients visit him all the way from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and even from California because there is no language barrier, meaning more in-depth consultation resulting in a more accurate diagnosis.

  • His practice uses original Korean medicine including Saam acupuncture(사암침법), Sasang Constitutional medicine(사상체질), and many much more rooting from Donguibogam(동의보감). This makes his chances of prescribing customized herbs more accurately, safely and most importantly, more effective.

  • Specialties that his practice introduces such as Detox Weight loss, Hair loss, Growth and many much more come from his experience and knowledge rooting from his practice in Korea.

  • His acupuncture techniques are nearly pain free, coming from intense training experience during his residency in the Korean medicine hospital affiliated with Kyung Hee Medical Center in South Korea where he used to needle acupuncture on a hundred In-ward patients a day for 4 years.

  • As he has done a lot of research and published numerous papers on renown journals in the field of Alternative and Complementary medicine, his practice supports Evidence Based Medicine(EBM), which is the current trend where no longer word of mouth or experience draws patients' interest in but you need now actual evidence and proof of what you practice. Practitioners' quality should be judged by their published journal papers, not their own words stating that they are the best! Please click the Publications tab above and check out his work! Dr. Hyung Sik Byeon currently serves as a member of panel of reviewers for the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine(JACM).

What insurances do you accept?

We accept certain insurances if you have acupuncture coverage. 

Please call us for details.

Please bring your ID, along with your insurance card on your first visit. We will verify your insurance coverage at no expense as our service to you or you may inquire directly to your carrier.

Also we would gladly provide an invoice to you if you want to directly submit your claims to your carrier for reimbursement. Please note that full payment is due at time of service and we cannot guarantee a full reimbursement in this case.

What’s my co-pay going to be? How much is the treatment going to cost?

Because coverage under each plan varies significantly, we will contact your insurance company to determine the benefits that your plan offers before/after your first session at PAUL ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS® PLLC. We will then estimate your payment responsibility to the best of our ability to ensure total transparency.
*Your insurance company usually refers to this kind of payment as “co-insurance” — your share of the costs of a covered out-of-network service, generally given as a percentage of the amount paid to the provider. For example, they might cover 70% and you’ll have to pay the remaining 30%. Keep in mind, your payment is also affected by whether you’ve met your annual deductible as well as the amount your insurance company “allows” for the services we bill.  

What are your fee schedule for cash patients?

Please contact us for fee details. Generally, fees differ depending on which insurance you have and what their acupuncture benefits are. For those who do not have insurance, we have great rates so give us a call.

How many treatment visits do I need?

This depends on what symptoms you have and also the on-set. 
Typically acute symptoms need less than 10 visits whereas chronic symptoms need more. Usually, we start out by seeing you 2-3 times a week and when the symptoms get better after a few weeks, we drop it down to once a week.
Evaluation and an estimate prognosis is given after the initial consultation and treatment so please give us a call or book online on the tab above!

What do I bring to my initial visit?

  • Patient Intake Forms can be completed prior to your appointment by calling us and we will e-mail you a form to complete and bring upon your arrival. This way, you can save your precious consultation and treatment time.

  • Insurance referral (if needed per your insurance policy) – please call your primary care physician to have an insurance referral sent to our facility. Our office e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.

  • Photo ID, Health Insurance Card, and Co-Payment (if applicable)

What is herbal medicine and how is it different from the prescribed medication I get from my doctor?

 In Traditional Eastern Medicine, there are mainly three ways to heal a person from sickness or imbalances. First is Acupuncture, second are Herbs and third is Moxibustion. Generally herbs have a stronger effect than acupuncture and are more suitable for chronic conditions, internal medicine symptoms or incurable diseases.

At PAUL ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS® PLLC, we carefully diagnose your condition and when our Doctor recognizes any need for Herbal prescription he will recommend you. 

These herbs have their unique way to heal our condition and perfect our body imbalances so that you feel much better after taking our herbs.

Unlike pharmaceuticals your doctor prescribes you, our herbs are 100% natural so there is no concerns for adverse chemical effects. 

Why do I need Customized Herbs?

Each and every person look different and have different characteristics. Therefore, although with the same symptoms, each of the individual's diagnosis must be different. Hence, it is important to come up with an accurate diagnosis and formulate your own customized herbs which has better results, but more importantly match your unique condition.

At PAUL ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS® PLLC, we will always listen and try to accomodate your best interests and needs to make you feel better after having our customized herbs. Herbs comes in a variety of forms; pills, powder, liquid etc. Call us or book online right now to have a consultation for your own customized herbs!

What sets you apart from other clinics when I get a herbal medicine from you?

Since we strive for high quality and safe herbs for you to consume, we directly import all your ready made customized herbs from South Korea after our doctor submits your herbal prescription.

Our herbal teas are all brewed in a Korea-Food and Drug Administration approved, Good Manufactured Practice-grade facility located in South Korea. Moreover, all the herbs we use passed the quality testings in government regulated pharmaceutical company laboratories, making it more than ever safer and cleaner for you to consume.

Dr. Hyung Sik Byeon brings plenty of experience practicing more than 23 years now in this field and also he is a licensed Internist in Korean Medicine which differentiates from others!

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